Welcome Baby Tom

This post has been a bit of a long time coming, but I thought it must be about time that I introduced my second baby - Thomas (or bubba Tom as he is affectionately called by many friends and family).

I was given two estimated dates of delivery for Tom - 26th Jan and 30th Jan and he split it down the middle perfectly, arriving promptly on my dad's birthday.  What a birthday present for his Grumps!

For a while there, we thought there was no way bubba Tom was going to arrive for his Grumps' birthday, seeing as it was nearly 7pm and still no indication that he was going to arrive soon.

Then wouldn't you know it, 7pm arrived and *BANG*, my first contraction hit and there was absolutely NO DOUBT that he was on his way (although we didn't know he was a boy at that stage).

Well, turns out that once bubba Tom decided it was time to grace the world with his presence, he didn't muck about.  Exactly 2 short hours after my first contraction, I was holding him in my arms.  To be honest, it's hard to remember much of it because it happened so damned FAST!

The poor midwives hadn't even got in touch with my Doctor yet and Tom was so determined that he pushed his own way out, without any help from me whatsoever!  Not to gross you out, but he wanted out so quickly that he pushed his head out while hubby was standing next to the door and the midwife was in the corridor.  My relaxed, cool calm state took a sudden switch over to momentary panic when I had to yell out to hubby and the midwife, "His heads out!!"

Luckily they were both about three steps away and back in a flash to catch the rest of him.  Certainly a surreal experience and I now have a new appreciation for mother's who give birth at home, in the car or anywhere other than the planned destination....

It was intense, but I would do that way again any day.  For those of you who have read my post on Jenson's birth you will know that I used a program called Hypnobabies in my preparation.  Well, seeing as it worked so well for me the first time, of course I used it again and you know what?  Another speedy, natural, drug free birth.  It may be luck, but I honestly believe most of it was due to how much I'd learnt to relax myself during labour and birth.  Oh and having a fit and healthy body helped too!

Now, Tom is four months old and a beautiful happy little boy who is just adorable and wooing all the girls already.  His big brother better watch out! haha.

baby tom

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