Valentine’s Day Partner Workout

Partner up with your loved one this Valentine's Day to burn off those chocolates and romantic dinner...

No equipment needed!

Format:  You go, I go.  

For each exercise, you perform 1 rep, then  your partner performs 1 rep while you rest, then you perform 2 reps while your partner rests, your partner performs 2 reps while you rest etc.

Continue in this fashion until you reach 8 reps of each.  

Have a short 30s break, then move on to the next exercise.

Don't forget to warmup and cool down too!


1. Pushup

1 2

2. Prisoner Squat

1 2

3. Burpee

burpee 1 burpee 3 burpee 5 burpee 8 burpee 10

4. Bridge Marching (Each side = 1 rep)

bridge marching 1 bridge marching 4 bridge marching 7 bridge marching 9

5. Overhead Toe Touch

overhead toe touch 1 overhead toe touch 4

6. Russian Twist (Each side = 1 rep)

russian twist 1 russian twist 3 russian twist 6

7. Squat Kick (Each Side = 1 rep)

Squat Kick Squat Kick 2

8. Sea Turtle

sea turtle 2 sea turtle 6


I'd love to hear how you went and who got their partners involved!

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