Themed Workout – 2014 AFL Grand Final

What a weekend it has been!

I'm pretty pumped that the Hawks won the 2014 AFL Grand Final on Saturday.  It may not have been the most exciting of games, but my boys won, so I am happy.   Speaking of boys, here's my two with me on Saturday during the game...


Previous to this though, was the morning's bootcamp session.  I love hosting themed workouts and the girls seem to really enjoy them too, so of course we had to have one for Grand Final Day.  I asked the girls to wear their team colours for the session, which they have done for 3 years running now.  Unfortunately, due to it being such a busy and social day we had less than half of the regular group there, but we had fun anyway!

I split the group into two teams - one team were The Hawks and the other were The Swans.  They competed against each other to get the most points over two 15 minute halves.  Each team had a bucket with 16 cards inside, comprising of 8 football related actions (eg, goal, behind, 50m penalty etc) and an exercise associated with each one.  One person from the team would draw a card and the whole team would perform the corresponding exercise.  They scored the obligatory 6 points for a 'goal' and 1 point for a 'behind'.  At the end of the first half, scores were even, but the Hawks ran away with it in the second.  Clearly, it was a sign of things to come later in the day!!

IMG_6656 IMG_6678

Thanks girls for another awesome and fun AFL Grand Final session!!

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