The Real Body That Women Want

I posted a photo on my Facebook Page on Monday that got a HUGE response!  I was actually completely blown away by the amount of women (and a couple of men) who commented on it.  The photo showed six women of various body shapes and fat percentage and I asked for honest opinions on which body YOU would be happy with.  Not the one that you would love to have necessarily, but the one that you would say, 'Hey!  I love how my body looks right now.'

The responses were very interesting..

Here's the original post:

Now granted that not everyone with the relevant body fat percentage will look like the photo, but it was more to give a gauge of the actual shape of the body as opposed to the fat percentage.  I also posted it into a Facebook Group known as M.I.L.F's (Mums In Love With Fitness). Here's the wrap up of the responses, as of 1pm Tuesday 16th September 2014.  A total of 109 people commented on the original post and 89 in the M.I.L.F's group, giving a total of 198 comments.  Here was the break up:
10-12% = 2 (1% of votes)
15-17% = 29 (14.4% of votes)
20-22% = 24 (12.1% of votes)
25% = 72 (36.2% of votes)
30% = 54 (27.3% of votes)
35% = 18 (9% of votes)
What was refreshing for me to see was that the majority of votes were for the pictures depicting 25% and 30% fat.  To me this means that not all women feel the need to have visible abs or flat stomachs to feel good about how they look.  Most of the women who commented want a curvy and somewhat toned body.  THIS IS AWESOME!!!!
As a fitness and nutrition professional, this is great, because helping a client obtain results like this are VERY achievable without having to undergo a complete life change!  It means you can change your body without having to give up every type of food you love, without having to bust your arse in the gym everyday.  This type of body is obtainable through education on how to eat supportively and how to workout efficiently and effectively, whilst still enjoying some chocolate cake and doing workouts at home with minimal equipment.  If you ask me, this is a WIN:WIN for everyone!!
This research helps me to help YOU better.  There are soooo many weight loss programs out there sprouting how to get a 'bikini body', or a '30 day shred' ('shredded' usually refers to prominant abs) or 'get your best body ever!' and the face/body of the program is a lean, tanned, perfectly made up model/woman.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong with these programs, but I feel they could be intimidating or a little unrealistic to the everyday mum with a couple of young kids or a full time job etc.  Here are two of the current popular programs:
Ashy Bines Bikini Challenge and Emily Skye's 30Day Shred
ashy bines emily skye
Both Ashy and Emily are 20-something year old models, who have perfect hair and a face full of makeup and no children.  To look like them is just not attainable for everyone, it's unrealistic and you guys have just proved that the type of body shape you'd be happy with doesn't actually look like either of these  - just a fit, healthy, but curvy looking body.
So I want to bring this whole body changing thing back to basics.  Let's start from the inside out and begin with focusing on our health.  To improve your health, you need to look after yourself and if you do it properly, then weight loss will be a natural by-product of that.  
I have just started to launch what I call The Supermum Project which is going to focus solely on how you FEEL, opposed to how you LOOK.  Because I can guarantee, what ALL of us really want, is to be happy.  Happy with ourselves, happy with our family and happy with our life.  Let's focus on that, rather than whether you'll have a flat stomach by Summer or not... 
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