Why a Healthy Lifestyle is Worth So Much More than Looking Good

At Fit la Femme, we have just begun the second week of an 8 week Transformation Contest.  Most people who enter such a contest do so with goals of losing weight, dropping a few clothing sizes and generally wanting to look better.  However, sometimes we need to look past that at the BIGGER picture.

The Pursuit of Wellness

That is, the improvements to overall health and wellbeing.  To some of you, you're probably thinking, 'yeah yeah blah blah' but to others, who suffer from various conditions, making a change to healthier eating and participating in a structured exercise plan makes everything feel better.

I want to give you some specific examples.  The first one comes from a client of mine, who suffers from both Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Endometriosis - two rather devastating and somewhat debilitating conditions that affect many women.  For those of you who don't know what they are all about, here is a very quick overview with links to the official Australian websites.

PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that affects 12 to 18 per cent of all women of reproductive age (post puberty and pre-menopausal).  If you have PCOS you may have symptoms such as:

  • Periods that are irregular, infrequent or heavy
  • Difficulty in becoming pregnant
  • Immature ovarian eggs that do not ovulate, forming small follicles. Follicles are small fluid filled sacs on the ovaries.
  • Weight gain and an increase in fat, especially around the abdomen or tummy area
  • Excessive facial or body hair
  • Loss of hair or female baldness
  • Acne on both the face and the body
  • Prediabetes or diabetes
  • Higher levels of blood fats

Most "experts" will tell you the only way to manage these symptoms is through hormonal treatments, surgery or medication, however, what often gets overlooked is how much a healthy lifestyle can improve them - refer to this info sheet on PCOS Management.

For more information on PCOS, it's symptoms, diagnosis and management, please refer to the Managing PCOS Organisation website

Endometriosis - Endometriosis is a common condition, that is responsible for pelvic pain, infertility and negatively affecting health quality of life.  Endometriosis can have a major impact on quality of life with the symptoms interfering with work, relationships, family and overall health. One of the main issues is that there is often a delay in diagnosing endometriosis and some women have symptoms for many years before treatment is started.  Treatment will depend on the severity of the condition, the symptoms occurring and whether pregnancy is desired. Treatments can include surgery, hormone therapy and natural therapies, as well as medication for pain relief. Endometriosis can be a chronic, recurring condition.

For more information please go to Endometriosis Australia Organisation website

Getting back to my client - Anita.  This is what she has to say:

"The Pursuit of Wellness"

I have been on a journey for about 10 years to reach the ultimate goal of wellness. Ten years ago I discovered I had chronic fatigue syndrome and IBS. Since that time both by sheer coincidence I found out I also had PCOS and Endometriosis.  All of these to which I have been told have no cure and only the symptoms can be managed.  During the ten years I have tried both mainstream and alternative therapies, this pill and that, this gym and the 'new gym.'

The height of my frustration came about 1 year ago - I saw a doctor who told me I needed to "lose 5-10 kg, but your condition will make it extremely hard if not impossible to lose it..."

What does one do now...?

After this frustrating appointment, I met Lindsey from Fit La Femme, a down to earth PT, who makes boot camp fun! Thats right, fun! We have started an 8 week boot camp Transformation Challenge, it's amazing how a PT can be so dedicated to wellness. The content she provided us on not just exercise but also recipes, tips and motivational tools is astounding.  There is even an online support group through Facebook!

I am two weeks into the challenge and my symptoms are so much better. In fact I have had minimal cramps for 2 weeks, amazing! With some alternative therapies I have found useful and bootcamp, I am reducing the impact of the symptoms.

So I know I may not lose weight, but I am gaining something better- wellness.

Thanks Fit La Femme.

~ Anita La Forgia

What a great advocate for just what a healthy lifestyle can do and how it can improve your WHOLE life, not just how you look...

Helping women like Anita is what makes my role as a coach so rewarding.


P.S. If you would like to be like Anita and squash your symptoms with some good wholesome food and exercise, contact me at lindsey@fitlafemme.com.au to find out a plan that best suits your needs.

For more information or support on Endometriosis and PCOS, please see the links below:

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