The Down and Dirty on Getting My Body Back

For someone who was pretty happy with the way their body was pre-baby, it has been hard to see the changes my body went through to carry and then birth my son.

Not that I haven't been out of shape and soft and lumpy before, but it had been a while and I was definitely going back to square one with both nutrition and fitness.

The first six weeks as a mum, I have to say, are a complete blur.  I really can't remember much of anything.  Between the sleep deprivation, the aching body and the constant whole body needs of my new son, there wasn't much time for anything else.

However, I was starting to get itchy feet about being able to do some exercise again.  Even though I hadn't been able to do anything strenuous for quite a while, I still remembered the energised feeling I would get after every workout and now I needed it more than ever!

I think it was around 5 weeks post-birth that I decided to have a crack at my first body weight session - one of my own workouts (included in the Mummy Boot Camp @ Home Program).  I was so pumped to get into it.  

Put on comfy workout clothes - check, pumping tunes on the ipod - check, body of steel smashing through the workout - FAIL.

Maybe 5 weeks was a little premature to get back into things.  I was seriously out of breath, aching all over and barely made it through half the workout.  Wow, this baby really has destroyed the body I had worked so hard previously to build!  Never mind, the first session was ALWAYS going to be tough.  And you know what?  So was the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on....  It's not an easy horse to get back on, but even though it was difficult and I really was starting from scratch again, I felt better and better with each subsequent training session and both my energy and my moods increased ten fold.  If nothing else, it gave me a little me time to enjoy each week.

As I stated in my last post, I started conducting boot camp sessions again at 6 weeks post birth and oh, how I had missed it!  It was fantastic to see my girls again and welcome new ones into the fold.  The group is thriving and what a wonderful group I have!  Boot Camp is ME time.  Three times a week I take this boot camp group and love EVERY minute of it!  I get to help other women and mums like me as well as give myself a good kick ass training session.  I have to admit, if I didn't have boot camp, I doubt very much that I would invest the time needed into a consistent fitness routine.  That's the only exercise I do (except maybe a few walks here and there, but they barely count as exercise, they're more of a stroll really)...

So, with three 1-hour boot camp sessions per week, next up was my nutrition.  Hmmmm..... This definitely needs some help.  Looking after a newborn has made me realise just how little time you get for yourself, including remembering to eat!  Again, the first six weeks consisted of a lot of muesli bars, pasta and anything I could eat one handed straight from the pantry or fridge (ie. unhealthy snack food).  Once again, hitting that six week mark, everything started to click a little easier.  Jenson and I had a little bit of a routine and I wasn't feeling quite so overwhelmed about how to look after this little person.  I had slightly more time to eat/prepare food.

Since then, here is a glimpse at a a typical day's eating for me:

Breakfast - Instant oats with low fat milk and frozen raspberries (takes about 90secs to prepare and about the same to eat)

Lunch - Two pieces of sour dough bread, toasted.  Spread with tomato chutney, then layer on each half a slice of low fat tasty cheese, sliced tomato, (occasionally sliced chicken or ham) and sliced pickled gherkin (Again, very quick to prepare and tastes bloody delicious! I eat this almost everyday!)

Dinner - Any of the following: Beef stir fry with noodles, low fat carbonara pasta, chicken lettuce cups (similar to san choi bao), steak and veggies, grilled chicken open sandwich etc

Snacks - cheese slice, ginger biscuits (2 at most), muesli bar, dried fruit, lollies (I know! But I am so addicted, definitely need to shake the sugar cravings), anything that is readily accessible in the fridge or pantry to eat immediately.

** I need to point out here that my snacks are few and far between and all eaten in moderation.  I quite often find myself so busy I haven't eaten anything for hours on end too - I do NOT recommend this, especially if breastfeeding.  It will diminish your supply.  I also eat things like sweets, chips, ice-cream etc when I feel like it, but again, small portions (just enough to quench the craving).

Drinks - Water, soft drink.  I don't know why, but I have been drinking more soft drink lately.  I barely drank any pre-pregnancy, so not sure what's going on there.  I think I have a slight sugar addiction at the moment - needs to be squashed!  As you can see - FAR from perfect!

But guess what?  My weight and measurements have slowly and steadily declined from eating this way and going to boot camp three times per week.  I have included the below table for you to see how my measurements/weight have changed over the course of 6 months.  Apologies for not having more progressive photos!


Date                          Weight         Bust            Shoulders         Waist           Hips          Thigh         Upper Arm

20/07/2012                            64kg                 U/K                          107                              89                      97.5                   55                              28

07/08/2012                          63.5kg               U/K                         109                             86                         96                     55                             29

10/09/2012                           62kg                   95.5                        108                            79.5                     95.5                  55.5                           28

18/10/2012                           61kg                    95.5                         108                              75                         95                    54.5                          27

12/11/2012                         60.5kg                   94                            103                             76                         93                  53.5                            28

08/12/2012                         59kg                      91                            102                             74                         92                     53                             27

16/01/2013                         58.2kg                   89                          100                            72.5                      91.5                   53                             27


All in all, I was back into my wedding dress for the 9th December, which was my number 1 goal!  Here is a pic from the wedding...


And the before and afters....  

The afters were taken this week - you can see the results that can be achieved in just 6 months by following the same routine.  I've done it and so can you!!  Here's the proof!



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