The Journey to Getting My Pre-Baby Body Back: The beginning

Here it is, the start of my journey to getting back my pre-baby body (23rd July 2012).

Where I was and how I'm going to get back there!


To give you an idea of where I was pre-baby, here are my stats:

Height - 163cm

Weight - 59kg

Bust - 91cm

Waist - 78cm

Hips - 91cm

Biceps - 28cm

Thighs - 53cm


During my pregnancy I put on 12kg - a nice healthy number, which was my goal.  I believe I mentioned in one of my other posts, as much as I wanted to stay healthy and keep some sort of fitness level I didn't deprive myself of any food/drink that I wanted.  If I wanted to eat Red Rooster chips or some pizza - I did!  But, I also ate plenty of good wholesome foods including lots of fruit, veggies and lean meat.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I found this a bit harder due to my fatigue levels and being winter - no summer fruits 🙁

But all in all, not too bad.

Anyway, moving along....

The day I got home from hospital with my beautiful baby boy I decided to weigh myself - just out of curiosity to see how much of the weight I had gained was baby, placenta, fluid etc.  I was happy to see that my weight was down to 65kg - this was a deficit of 6kg, so considering Jenson weighed 3.26kg - that's a lot of placenta and fluid!

My first proper look at my body was 10 days post birth.  Here are the stats:

Weight - 63.9kg

Shoulders - 107cm    (new measurement)

Waist - 89cm (+ 11cm)

Hips - 97.5cm (+ 6.5cm)

Biceps - 28cm (same)

Thighs - 55cm (+ 2cm)

As a quick comparison this doesn't look too shabby at all.  I didn't bother measuring my bust as I am breastfeeding and all I can say is I'm at least 3 cup sizes bigger than before - enough said!

No worries as far as the scale goes, 5kg difference isn't a big deal at all.  You can see the BIG differences here are my waist and hips.

Not only that, but if you compare my 'BEFORE' photo with the photos below, you can see that I am looking very soft and cuddly indeed!  This is what I want to focus on in my journey.

Laying bare for all to see - it's quite scary but I know this is the best motivation for me!



All that being said - here are my new goals:

Short term - Increase strength in my pelvic floor and core.  Not focusing on much more than that until after my 6 week check up.

Long term - Cut the fat and regain my strength!  I don't care about weight in the slightest, my goal is to lose the soft, cuddly look and regain my old strong, confident look.

To do this I need to eat reasonably well, strength training and high intensity interval training - easy right!  Ha!


I'm starting boot camp classes again at six weeks post birth, so they will double as my workouts for the week too.  They will be a shock to the system!


Wish me luck!


~ Lindsey

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