Increased Shoulder Mobility in 10 seconds

Amy’s shoulder has been causing her grief for ages. Quite a bit of pain and a severe lack of mobility. We’ve been testing out different drills to see which work best for her and as you can see from this video, with only 3 hip circles in each direction – only with her right hip Read more about Increased Shoulder Mobility in 10 seconds[…]

A New Way To Train

Last week I attended a 4-Day course in Melbourne run by Z-Health, called R-Phase.  Who?  I hear you say….  Z-Health are at the cutting edge of teaching personal trainers, physiotherapist, chiropractors, osteopaths and other movement trainers how to retrain the nervous system, which ultimately gives an ultra-fast approach to getting out of pain, optimising health, and Read more about A New Way To Train[…]