Kickstart Your Health in the New Year

CLICK HERE TO START YOUR 30 DAY HOME WORKOUT CHALLENGE Today, I’m really excited to announce my first guest blog post at Creative Home Keeper.  My post is about How to Kickstart Your Health in 2015, with 3 actionable habits you can do RIGHT NOW!  Here’s a sneak peak:    “Every year millions of people Read more about Kickstart Your Health in the New Year[…]

A New Way To Train

Last week I attended a 4-Day course in Melbourne run by Z-Health, called R-Phase.  Who?  I hear you say….  Z-Health are at the cutting edge of teaching personal trainers, physiotherapist, chiropractors, osteopaths and other movement trainers how to retrain the nervous system, which ultimately gives an ultra-fast approach to getting out of pain, optimising health, and Read more about A New Way To Train[…]

The Real Body That Women Want

I posted a photo on my Facebook Page on Monday that got a HUGE response!  I was actually completely blown away by the amount of women (and a couple of men) who commented on it.  The photo showed six women of various body shapes and fat percentage and I asked for honest opinions on which Read more about The Real Body That Women Want[…]

How We Can Prevent Child Obesity

I recently posted this story about Childhood Obesity on my Facebook page.  Although it may seem a little controversial, I stated that any parent that has an overweight child under the age of 10, is entirely responsible.  I still stick by that claim.  I'm sure there are parents out there who think I'm being harsh, Read more about How We Can Prevent Child Obesity[…]

Member of the Month – April 2013

I've decided to start running a Member of the Month starting now – April 2013.  The criteria is not going to be the same every month and I may or may not let the girls know what the criteria will be in advance. Anyhow, onto the exciting part – the very FIRST Fit la Femme Read more about Member of the Month – April 2013[…]

Time To Improve Your Self Image

There is a secret out there that leads to instantly having a better self-image. Before I let you in on this secret, consider that poor self-image is often related to what a person looks like, namely, overall body size. Where does this body-size-related self image come from? Why is “thin in”? Male movie stars of Read more about Time To Improve Your Self Image[…]

NOW is the time to commit!

Mummy Boot Camp has been a roaring success and I can't stop raving about how good my group of women are!  They are all giving it 110% and I couldn't be prouder. This camp is due to finish up next weekend, but the new one is just around the corner, starting Tuesday 8th November 2011. Read more about NOW is the time to commit![…]