Spring Into Summer With A New Body!

Are you Ready for Change?

Looking to Lose the Muffin Top or Beer Belly?

Fit Back into your Skinny Jeans?

Flatten that Mummy Belly?

Wear swimwear with Confidence?

Weigh a few pounds Less?

Lift, Firm and Tighten those Trouble Spots?

Look in the mirror, stand sideways and SMILE at what you see?

This is just a small fraction of the RESULTS that will be achieved by participating in our 8 Week Spring into Summer Transformation Contest that Starts on Monday, September 16th.

The Doors to Register are OPEN – so you can get started Right NOW!

Register through this link:

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What is this Transformation Contest all about?

There are literally HUNDREDS of amazing and helpful well rounded fitness programs available to you and they ALL work to some degree. The changes experienced all rely upon your ability to Commit and follow through with Consistency.

This is why it is so important to be thoughtful about jumping into the “next best thing” without taking the time to consider if this truly is a good fit for you.

How To Choose

Consider ….

- how this plan fits into your lifestyle?

- do you see yourself doing this long term (for you do want results to last – right?)

- how do you feel about yourself when you implement this plan?

- what type of support is offered?

I have teamed up with Zoe Hill from ZoFit and together we have personally invested a great deal of our time and energy into the preparation and implementation of this challenge. So the last thing we want to have happen, is someone join and feel less than satisfied.

Now that we have that out of the way…details!!!

Spring into Summer Transformation Contest 2013

Start Date: Monday, September 16th

This is an 8 Week Challenge. We all start on Day ONE – which is September 16th – and end together on Day 56, which is Friday, November 15th.

Register by filling out your details HERE

Once you register, you will begin receiving all the relevant material within days.

 Deadline to register is a firm 10:00PM on Friday, September 13th. This is to ensure everyone has their starting body compositions done before the start date.


Question: “So I have to be a member of Fit la Femme Mummy Boot Camp to take part in the Transformation Contest?”

Answer:  No!  You have the option of completing this contest from home and both females and males are welcome to join.

A private facebook group will be set up where Zoe and I will be interacting with Contest Participants on a daily basis, provide bonus coaching and support.

 Question: “What is this contest all about?“

Answer:  This contest is designed to give you the extra special support, motivation and the accountability you need to get results with…

- Start and Stop Date – Deadlines are Super helpful

- Bonuses –Nutrition and Meal Planning, Social Support, Home Workout Resources and don’t forget prizes for the winners!!

- Daily/Weekly Transformation email/facebook Tips

- ACCOUNTABILITY – Accountability Partner System

- Finale Party to celebrate all the fabulous results you will all achieve!

Question: “What workout do I follow?”

Answer: To participate in this Transformation Contest you must be either attending Fit la Femme or ZoFit sessions or completing the Home Workouts provided in the Home+ Option. If you are involved in another workout plan at this time – then this challenge is not for you (unless you are looking for a change).


Everyone who Registers and Participates Receives:

~ Exclusive Transformation Emails and Facebook Support Group

Receive daily/weekly challenge emails with fat loss tips, motivation and assignments to help you turn up the heat on your results and give you the chance to partake in mini contests for extra prizes!

 ~ Transformation Contest Home Workouts for Beginners and beyond to help you maximise your results each step of the way!

 ~ Super Charged Support System

As a member of this Transformation Contest you not only have access to two of the most caring and supportive personal trainers, you also have access to the Accountability Partner System. So you not only have us as your coaches, but you also get to work closely with a select few people who will be there to help hold you accountable and motivate you to achieve your very best!

 ~ The Top 10 Nutrition Guidelines to Fool Proof Your Diet

There is no need to make your diet complicated.  Just follow the 10 Guidelines and you will be transforming your body in no time!

~ Recipes and Example Meal Plans

We know it’s not always easy trying to work out what to eat, even when you have the guidelines, so we have included some example recipes and meal plans to get you sorted.

 ~ Journal

To record your workouts and food intake.  Another way to keep you accountable.

 ~ Body Composition and Before/After Photos

To really understand the changes you have made, you need to know where you are starting from.  We will be offering to take your measurements and before/after photos for you.

 ~ Finale Party

To celebrate all the AWESOME results you will achieve, there will be a Finale Party held. This will also be where the winners will be announced.

~ Prizes

 We just have to say – we will be very surprised if ANYONE actually focuses on what the “BIG Package Prize” is about. Nope. In fact we would bet that just the possibility of the results you could attain will be the number one attraction to this contest.

We point this out because -prizes are nice – however, we honestly believe you will be more excited and motivated by the RESULTS you KNOW you will achieve by the contest’s end.

But – Prizes are cool – so here are the categories:

Category 1: The pair with the highest percentage of overall cm's lost and physical appearance to the eye

 Category 2: The pair to score the highest points overall

Plus spot prizes along the way for various mini challenges!

In addition to a Brand New YOU!

So, what are you waiting for?!

Register today!

Terms & Conditions

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