Pregnant and Teaching Boot Camp

Hi Everyone!  

I thought it was about time I started writing a bit more about myself and my own journey.  

Mummy Boot Camp has been my baby for 6 months or so now and I am loving it each and every week.  My clients are fantastic and exercising and teaching outdoors is a real buzz.

Half of my group are mums and half are not - we don't discriminate at Mummy Boot Camp - all are welcome.  In fact, when I started Mummy Boot Camp, I myself was not yet a mother.

That however, is about to change.  Mummy Boot Camp has a new trainer on board, literally.  I'm carrying him/her as we speak.

I found out around mid-November that I was pregnant, which was such wonderful news - except not being able to tell many people for a while....

I am now 22 weeks pregnant and on the down hill run, as they say.  Very exciting times ahead indeed.  Even though I'm a little late in sharing this journey with you, I want to go back and let you know how it's all been going....

When I found out I was pregnant, I was 59kg, around 22 on the BMI scale and a 8-10 AUS dress size.  All in all, I was more than happy with my current shape and not to mention my fitness levels.  

This being my first pregnancy, I really didn't know what to expect.  As I found out very quickly, it doesn't matter how many books you read or how many mothers you speak to, every woman is different.

Well, I felt like I had been hit with a Mac Truck!  Talk about fatigue.... Being a pretty active person, I found this very debilitating.  Even if I'm not physically active, I've almost always got something on the go and for my body to more or less just STOP, I found it extremely frustrating and had to give in to the exhaustion.  Luckily for me, nausea wasn't as bad as many women I know.  I was lucky enough to not cop incessant vomiting or be completely turned off food.  I more or less just felt hung over everyday but without the fun night the night before...haha.   And, as far as food went, I was eating wayyy more than usual, although most of my cravings were for fruit - which at least helped with not gaining excessive weight.

One of the greatest things I had during this time was my boot camp.  Although I was super tired, I found it forced me to do some exercise even when I didn't feel like it and the best part was after I exercised, I got felt revitalised - even for just half an hour afterwards.  It really did help get me through the weird changes that were going on in my body.  I had to back off in the intensity, but just getting my body moving and focussing on the good parts really did wonders.

Finally, I got to spill the beans and tell everyone the good news.... My boot campers were ecstatic for me - especially considering many of them are mothers themselves.  Although, they really can't wait until I have this baby so they can tease me about weakened pelvic floor muscles, which we all know is a side effect of pregnancy and giving birth!

From about Week 16, I have been fortunate enough to have gained back a huge amount of energy and no more nausea and it feels wonderful.  As far as my diet goes, I have pretty much just eaten when I'm hungry and eaten what I feel like at the time.  I have to admit, those first 12 weeks did see a lot more instant or take out meals than I would like to admit, but that fatigue really did hit hard.  For the rest of the time though, I just ate - and still do - foods that I would normally eat before (minus cold meats, raw egg and raw fish).  

According to those around me, I am barely showing (check out the photo and decide for yourself), although my clothes seem to tell a different story, seeing as most of them no longer fit!  But at 22 weeks through, I am happy to announce that our most recent scan and my doctor say baby is the right size and my size is great too.  On weighing myself this week, i am now only 63kg ~ a whole 4 kg heavier than when I found out!  I don't know for sure what the cause of this is but I believe it has to do with continuing some sort of exercise routine and not stuffing my face with all manner of 'bad' foods.  

What exercise do I do?

I am still running short distances, but at a much much slower pace and absolutely no more than 5km in one go.  There are all sorts of opinions about whether you should continue to run or not.  My opinion is this:  If you ran regularly before and it feels good, then go for it, just ease off the speed and distance and if it feels like it's getting too hard - STOP.  Why would you want to push through when you have a baby on board?  That obviously doesn't make sense....

My main form of exercise though, is strength training.  It is really important to keep your muscles working.  Apart from keeping up some level of fitness and muscle tone, it has been well documented that it will lead to an easier birthing process.  Let's face it, labour is one of the hardest endurance events you can do, so the fitter and stronger you are the less fatigued you will get and the easier it should be!  It also helps keep those pesky pregnancy pounds from creeping up too high and will make it easier to shed them once your baby arrives.

That's about enough of an update for the moment, but I will keep posting my progress and more importantly, after my baby is born - show you exactly what I do to get my old body back!  My fiancee and I were supposed to get married on July 14, but bubs has decided that he/she wants to spoil those plans by being due on July 20! So now the wedding has been postponed to December 9th, which gives me almost 5 months to get my baby body back into my stunning Roz la Kelin gown.  What an incentive!

Until next time - train hard, eat well and look after yourself and your loved ones.

~ Linds 🙂

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