A New Way To Train

Last week I attended a 4-Day course in Melbourne run by Z-Health, called R-Phase.  Who?  I hear you say.... 

Z-Health are at the cutting edge of teaching personal trainers, physiotherapist, chiropractors, osteopaths and other movement trainers how to retrain the nervous system, which ultimately gives an ultra-fast approach to getting out of pain, optimising health, and maximising athletic performance.  What I mean by that is, until recently people believed (and most still do) that the way we move our body is purely biomechanical.  Not true.  It turns out that it is your brain that totally controls how your body moves, why it moves in certain ways or doesn't move in certain ways, why and how it feels pain and can be trained to make your body perform better in every way.  By providing the right information to your brain through small, specific movements, you will be able to run faster, be stronger, be more flexible, have less pain, be able to move your body better - in every single way.  And not just a little bit better - a LOT better.

This is by far the most interesting course I have ever attended and it has completely blown my mind how simply pain can be reduced and performance can be increased with such simple, basic and quick drills.  At Z-Health, they refer to EVERYONE as an athlete, whether they are a 25 year old professional AFL star or a 70 year old man in his armchair.  Everyone has the ability to make their body move better.  All of their training is based on and backed up by scientific research and the results are absolutely astounding. This short video gives a tiny insight into the types of things I have been learning...  



I want to give you a quick example.  For the last 9-10 months I have been struggling with a shoulder injury.  It starts to get better, then another issue starts up and especially in the last month or so it has been quite debilitating and I have been unable to do any upper body exercise and any weight bearing lower body exercise (doesn't leave much does it?!)

Well.... with a 20 second mobility drill in my WRIST (not my shoulder) I was able to perform full, chest to ground pushups, on my feet, with perfect form and NO PAIN!


Here's another quick example.  When I stand up straight, then bend over and reach for my toes with straight legs, my usual range of motion is to just reach my toes with my finger tips.  After a quick 20 second drill, I can reach down with the palms of my hands flat on the floor - easily.  I made a super quick video for you - it's quite amazing to watch and to feel.



I am sooooo excited that I now have this new set of tools that I can use with my clients to reduce their pain and/or increase their performance and efficiency to move better.  These techniques, if implemented, WILL, without a doubt, improve the quality of life for anyone and everyone.  Whether you have lots of pain related issues or you are a professional athlete, these tools will improve everyone.

If you could see me right now, you'd see how giddy I am about all this.  It blows my mind that more people are not using it.  Like all things though, change is scary, no matter how good for you it is!

I'm really looking forward to bringing you more information about these new skills and how I can help you move better! 

Check it out - I'm qualified!  (Albeit, they spelt my surname wrong...haha)


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