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I looooove bodyweight training.  I would go as far as to say that it is a passion of mine.  I do enjoy lifting heavy weights, but there is something inertly powerful about being able to do handstand pushups, chin ups and scale a basketball court like a spider.  But I have those days when I think, is doing bodyweight exercise enough?  Should I be focussing more on lifting dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells?

Well, last Friday night, I answered that question for myself and the answer was a BIG FAT NO!

What moment of inspiration led me to this conclusion?  


I was lucky enough to be invited to enjoy the absolute brilliance of Circus Oz “But Wait….There’s More” as a guest and I can't tell you enough how amazing it was.  I took along my dad with me, which made the night fun enough, but the show was amazing.

A few months ago I got the privilege of also seeing Cirque du Soleil, so I was expecting to be comparing the two, but reality is you just can't.  Cirque is full of glamour and glitz and the huge production budget to cater for that, whereas Circus Oz felt like being back to the roots of the circus.  It had a real electric and raw atmosphere and felt a lot more intimate than Cirque did. Like you were right there with them on stage.

The cast comprised of only a handful of twelve performers.   Located at Birrarung Marr, it was a magical adventure that lived up to it’s promise to astound and amaze. But Wait….There’s More is also a satirical look at today’s culture of infobesity and consumer overload around all the STUFF, STUFF and STUFF (but wait…there’s more – STUFF).

I literally sat on the edge of my seat for the entire performance and watched in awe as these incredible men and women performed feats of physical strength, acrobatics, flexibility and agility that I can only dream about. The show started with a beautiful performance of a couple dancing, but with a twist. The male lead was riding a unicycle. They integrated graceful contemporary dancing including lifts and spins all whilst balancing on a unicycle – talk about balance!!

The show was filled with acrobatics, comedy, contortion and some pretty cool tunes belted out by a South African Strong Lady named Candy B! But my favourite act for the night was by a performer named, Derek Llewellin, whose most impressive talent is using a roué Cyr – an acrobatic device consisting of a large metal hoop. (Refer to pictures below). He span around and around, back and forth, hung on with one hand, even with just his feet at one point. This apparatus would take absolute strength and the proof is in his physique.

In fact the physiques of all the cast goes to show how much body strength work can carve out muscles that you never thought existed. The men were chiselled and the girls were strong but still graceful – it definitely had me thinking of all the new ways of bodyweight training I want to try out.

I would definitely recommend that you go see this show! It was a great night out with my dad, so entertaining. I could sit there and watch it all day long!  It only runs until 12 July, so don't delay.  You can purchase tickets from The Circus Oz website:

Catch a glimpse of what you’ll see in this video:


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