Member of the Month – April 2013

I've decided to start running a Member of the Month starting now - April 2013.  The criteria is not going to be the same every month and I may or may not let the girls know what the criteria will be in advance.

Anyhow, onto the exciting part - the very FIRST Fit la Femme Member-of-the-Month....

Seeing as this is the FIRST time, I've decided to award two of my campers this prestigious title.  And the winners are (drum role please....)

Maureen Bickford and Bree Deckert!!

Congratulations to both of you!

As a special congratulations from me, both women will receive a $50 gift voucher from Fit la Femme as well as a 5 x session pass to give away to a friend/relative.

Here is why I chose these two ladies:

During the past year, I have watched Bree literally change before my eyes. When she first came to Fit la Femme, Bree was about 20kg above her ideal weight and with a wedding only a year away she wanted someone to push her and motivate her to get into better shape.  I am very excited to say that Bree has lost over 18kg and 30cm since then and looks AMAZING!!  Every single session Bree brings her all, she always works hard and even when she should be resting, she will quite often go for an extra run or pump out 20 pushups.  She's been an inspiration to other members and I couldn't be prouder of her.  Even with her shift work and often finishing work at 3am the night before a session, she still turns up and does her best.  What more could I ask?

I would like to thank you, Bree, for being a Fit la Femme Boot Camp member and congratulate you on being such a success.  On top of that, I want to wish you the very best for your upcoming wedding in just a couple of short weeks and can't wait to post a photo of the beautiful bride!  Please watch my little Q'n'A with Bree below (please don't judge the amateur interview questions!) Ha.  Here's also a before and after picture of Bree, which I will most definitely be adding one in her wedding dress in the coming weeks too!

Before Boot Camp Bree After



Maureen came to me around 12 months ago wanting to gain some fitness and lose some weight.  One of the challenges she faced was having 'dodgy knees'.  As you may know, dodgy knees make it very difficult to participate in activities such as running, jumping, lunges and squats.  However, with careful planning around exercise selection, Maureen was seeing a great reduction in her knee pain and more importantly a huge increase in her joint mobility and functional movement.  One of the greatest joys she got from this new found movement was being able to pick up and carry her rapidly growing grandson without knee or back pain.  As well as a major gain in strength and mobility, Maureen has also lost over 15cm.  As you will see in the video below, Maureen mentions how she can now walk up a flight of stairs without having to 'haul herself up on the handrail'.  Not only can she do that, but just two months ago, we did a session at the 1000 Steps in Mt Dandenong and she made it to the top no worries! Maureen also recently attended her son's wedding and looked magnificent!

I would like to thank you too, Maureen, for being a Fit la Femme Boot Camp member and congratulate you on being all your successes so far.  Looking forward to sharing many more with you. 

Maureen's before and after pics:

Maureen Before

maureen after maureen after2

Congratulations again to both Bree and Maureen!  Please check out the video interviews and feel free to comment below.

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