Melbourne Cup Workout

Here's a fun workout you can do at home as part of a Melbourne Cup Sweeps Game...

Cut out the pieces from a Melbourne Cup Sweeps Pack or the newspaper. Or you can download one from HERE



Melbourne Cup Sweep Workout

Place them in a jar, bowl, or similar.

Pick one 'horse' at a time and perform the exercise corresponding as per below.

For example, if you picked: #12 - WHO SHOT THE BARMAN, you would perform 20 Sea Turtles.

Once you complete the exercise, chose another 'horse' and continue.  You can either choose a certain number of horses or if you do this with someone else, you could make it into a game to see who gets to 12 first etc.

HORSE NUMBERS (and corresponding EXERCISES)

  1. 20 x Shoulder Pushup 
  2. 20 x Overhead Toe Touches
  3. 20 x Bodyweight squats
  4. 20 x Squat Thrusts 
  5. 20 x Prisoner Squats
  6. 100 High Punches (ES)
  7. 15 x Mountain Climbers (ES)
  8. 15 x Step Ups (ES)
  9. 15 x 1-Leg Hip Extensions (ES)
  10. 20 x Ski Jumps (ES)
  11. 20 x Pushups 
  12. 20 x Sea Turtles
  13. 20 x Shoulder Pushup 
  14. 20 x Overhead Toe Touches
  15. 20 x Bodyweight squats
  16. 20 x Squat Thrusts 
  17. 20 x Prisoner Squats
  18. 100 High Punches (ES)
  19. 15 x Mountain Climbers (ES) 
  20. 15 x Step Ups (ES)
  21. 15 x 1-Leg Hip Extensions (ES)
  22. 20 x Ski Jumps (ES) 
  23. 20 x Pushups 
  24. 20 x Sea Turtles

**NOTE: If you don't know what the exercise is, just click on the name to see the video description.

Who was your pick to win the Cup?

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