Low-Impact Exercise Alternatives


If you've been reading up on exercise and fat loss at all, then you will probably know that strength training coupled with High Intensity Interval Training (or H.I.I.T. for short) is what you need to be doing.  

But what if you can't do impact exercises such as running, jumping, skipping etc?

Here are some very real and common reasons you may not be able to do high impact exercises:

  • An injury (on pretty much any joint is going to limit your ability to perform high impact exercise)
  • Recently given birth (within the last 6 months)
  • Weak pelvic floor (not always as a result of pregnancy)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • You're new to exercise or recently returned after a long break

These are just a couple examples, there are many many more.  

Exercises you can substitute when you can't do high impact ones

Exercises you can substitute when you can't do high impact ones

Unfortunately, most fat burning workouts involve high impact exercises, so if you're someone who can't do those, what are you supposed to do?

Here I want to show you some terrific alternatives that are non or low-impact, which you can substitute.  Each exercise has a YouTube video link so you can see how to do it.


And some more great non-impact, but High Intensity exercises are:

I could honestly keep going all day... 

You don't have to be jumping, skipping or running around to get a great high intensity workout.  You just need to know what your options are.

So you don't forget what they are, I have put together a PDF for you to download and keep somewhere handy so you can easily substitute exercises in your workouts if you need them.

Click Here for Instant Access

What else do you find difficult to do in your workouts?

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