Low-Impact Exercise Alternatives

CLICK HERE TO START YOUR 30 DAY HOME WORKOUT CHALLENGE If you’ve been reading up on exercise and fat loss at all, then you will probably know that strength training coupled with High Intensity Interval Training (or H.I.I.T. for short) is what you need to be doing.   But what if you can’t do impact exercises Read more about Low-Impact Exercise Alternatives[…]


CLICK HERE TO START YOUR 30 DAY HOME WORKOUT CHALLENGE Today is the second in my series of HOW TO – BODYWEIGHT BASICS and we are looking at the PUSHUP.   As far as bodyweight exercises go, the pushup is definitely one of the hardest but if done properly, will build up your strength fast! Read more about BODYWEIGHT BASICS – HOW TO DO A PUSHUP[…]

The ONLY 6 Things You Need To Get Into Great Shape At Home!

  HINT: None of them contain the word dumbbell, barbell or kettlebell. It’s not hard to get a great workout in at home without a whole gym setup.  Hell, I’ve been doing the majority of my workouts at home for the last few years. Here are the only things you ABSOLUTELY need to get in Read more about The ONLY 6 Things You Need To Get Into Great Shape At Home![…]

2014 AFL Grand Final Workout

Tomorrow is the 2014 AFL Grand Final, which generally means eating lots of high calorie snacks and drinking booze whilst enjoying one of the biggest sporting events of the year (in Victoria anyway!) I’ve put together a bit of a Footy themed workout for my bootcamp session tomorrow and it got me thinking that some Read more about 2014 AFL Grand Final Workout[…]

Brownlow Medal Night

It’s the last Monday night before the highly anticipated 2014 AFL (Aussie Rules Football) Grand Final, which I’m pretty excited to say that Hawthorn is in again – Go Hawks!!  That means that tonight is Brownlow Medal Night and Monday also means it’s a bootcamp night. Soooo, it was only fitting that I concoct our Read more about Brownlow Medal Night[…]

Valentine’s Day Partner Workout

Partner up with your loved one this Valentine's Day to burn off those chocolates and romantic dinner...

No equipment needed!

Format:  You go, I go.  

For each exercise, you perform 1 rep, then  your partner performs 1 rep while you rest, then you perform 2 reps while your partner rests, your partner performs 2 reps while you rest etc.

Continue in this fashion until you reach 8 reps of each.  

Have a short 30s break, then move on to the next exercise.

Don't forget to warmup and cool down too!


1. Pushup

1 2 […]