Increased Shoulder Mobility in 10 seconds

Amy’s shoulder has been causing her grief for ages. Quite a bit of pain and a severe lack of mobility. We’ve been testing out different drills to see which work best for her and as you can see from this video, with only 3 hip circles in each direction – only with her right hip Read more about Increased Shoulder Mobility in 10 seconds[…]

Review and Special Behind the Scenes Look At Cirque du Soleil TOTEM

I had the pleasure of an amazing experience last week, when I was invited to attend Cirque du Soleil TOTEM. What’s more, I was privileged enough to go on a backstage tour and meet some of the performers. This was the first time I’ve experienced Cirque du Soleil so to say I was excited was an Read more about Review and Special Behind the Scenes Look At Cirque du Soleil TOTEM[…]

Why the term ‘Supermum’ isn’t bad

I’ve copped a little bit of flack from a couple of people over my use of the term ‘Supermum’ in my new online programs.  I think those who don’t like it believe it has a meaning of being ‘perfect’ or having to be better than everyone else.  But I disagree. I want to explain why I Read more about Why the term ‘Supermum’ isn’t bad[…]


Today I’m going to start a series of posts explaining HOW TO do various bodyweight exercises.  You will learn how to position your body at the start, during and end of the exercise for maximum benefit.  It doesn’t matter how fast you can do an exercise if your form is crap.  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS put Read more about BODYWEIGHT BASICS – HOW TO SQUAT[…]

CASE STUDY: How I fixed Carole’s tight hamstring in 20seconds!

This morning’s session at bootcamp was very quiet, the majority of my girls were missing due to functions or weekends away or sickness.  But never to fear, all that meant was that the girls that did turn up got some extra special attention. Fast forward to approximately halfway through the session and Carole was doing Read more about CASE STUDY: How I fixed Carole’s tight hamstring in 20seconds![…]

2014 AFL Grand Final Workout

Tomorrow is the 2014 AFL Grand Final, which generally means eating lots of high calorie snacks and drinking booze whilst enjoying one of the biggest sporting events of the year (in Victoria anyway!) I’ve put together a bit of a Footy themed workout for my bootcamp session tomorrow and it got me thinking that some Read more about 2014 AFL Grand Final Workout[…]

Brownlow Medal Night

It’s the last Monday night before the highly anticipated 2014 AFL (Aussie Rules Football) Grand Final, which I’m pretty excited to say that Hawthorn is in again – Go Hawks!!  That means that tonight is Brownlow Medal Night and Monday also means it’s a bootcamp night. Soooo, it was only fitting that I concoct our Read more about Brownlow Medal Night[…]