CASE STUDY: How I fixed Carole’s tight hamstring in 20seconds!

This morning’s session at bootcamp was very quiet, the majority of my girls were missing due to functions or weekends away or sickness.  But never to fear, all that meant was that the girls that did turn up got some extra special attention.

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Fast forward to approximately halfway through the session and Carole was doing Mountain Climbers.  I was complimenting her on how lovely and straight she was keeping her back but asked if she felt that she wasn’t getting the same range of motion in her leg left as her right, because watching her, she wasn’t bringing her left leg in nearly as far as her right.  She told me she knew she was doing it because her left hamstring was really tight and she was limiting her movement so it didn’t hurt so much.  That makes sense. Of course it does!

As I said, because we only had a couple of girls there, I had time to dedicate special attention to each, so I showed Carole a little drill I wanted her to try that might help her sore and tight hamstring.  I asked her to perform a ‘shoulder circle’ with her right arm.  Three circles one direction, three circles in the opposite direction. (I'll post a video to this as soon as I can!)

The result was immediate!! Carole looked at me with a look of complete shock, “What just happened?!  How did you do that?!  It’s completely gone!  It doesn’t hurt anymore!”  She also told me that she had been massaging and stretching it all morning hoping it would loosen up a bit, but it hadn’t changed at all.  This was followed by a lot of jumping around, hopping, running and shouts of happiness.  I managed to capture a tiny bit of it on video as it was a very cool moment indeed.  




 Not because I didn’t think it would work, but to see just how immediate it can be and the sheer amazement and joy on Carole’s face made it an ‘Aha’ moment for me.  Look at how easily I can enrich people’s lives in a matter of seconds!  This stuff is SUPER COOL!  

The magic of the training I received through Z-Health and their R-Phase course is paying off for my clients left, right and centre.  Another client I would like to showcase is Maureen.  Maureen is in her 50's and due to go in for an arthroscope on her knee this week.  We have done one session together incorporating the Z-Health drills and a couple weeks of practice and her squats are lower than they've ever been and her pushups are looking amazing too!  Up until recently, she was doing box style pushups, now she is doing them on her knees and getting great depth.  Her husband has even commented to her about how much better she seems to be walking now - smoother than before.  In just 2-3 weeks!  Imagine what I can do for her once she returns from her arthroscope!!

Every time I start talking about this training I get so excited.  I've been incorporating a few drills as the warmup before each bootcamp session and it too is giving big rewards to the group as a whole.

You can read more about my own experiences with Z-Health by reading my post A New Way To Train

I'll hopefully start posting some more videos of this soon.  I have to get myself a little more comfortable talking in front of the camera! Haha.  But, if you would like more information or to find out if I can help you OR if you are interested in the Z-Health courses, then please shoot me an email at or leave a comment below this post.  I would love to help you out more!

I hope this impresses you as much as it does me!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below...

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