Brownlow Medal Night

It's the last Monday night before the highly anticipated 2014 AFL (Aussie Rules Football) Grand Final, which I'm pretty excited to say that Hawthorn is in again - Go Hawks!!  That means that tonight is Brownlow Medal Night and Monday also means it's a bootcamp night.

Soooo, it was only fitting that I concoct our very own version of a Brownlow Count Mummy Bootcamp! Hehe.

At the end of every bootcamp session, I ask my girls to give a rating out of 10, based on two things:

1. How much they 'enjoyed' the session; and

2. How they feel at the end of the session

I was pretty happy to say that tonight's Brownlow Count session was a winner and scored all 9's and 9.5's!  It was a pity we were missing half the girls and only had 5, due to illness etc because it was a great session.

Here is what we did....

After a 5-10 minute warmup, each client picked their favourite footy team to compete for.  There were 23 different exercises to represent the 23 rounds of the AFL season.  The girls could choose to do the exercises in any order, but had to decide whether they were going to 'play' for 1, 2 or 3 points by performing 10, 20 or 30 reps respectively for any given exercise.  Then at the end of the session, the person with the most points is crowned the Brownlow WINNER!




The girls didn't quite get through the 23 rounds but what was really great to see was that they went for the 3 points in almost all the rounds they did do!

I'm delighted to say that Jayne was our Brownlow Winner tonight, racking up 57 points!  And, she was representing Richmond - probably the only significant win they'll have in a while!! haha.

Enjoy your pre-Grand Final week everyone.



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