Baby #2 Is Nearly Here

The last few months have been super busy, super exciting and also super exhausting.

And it's been a really long time since I've written a personal post on here, so it's well overdue!

A little recap of what's been going at Fit la Femme for the last few months....

Around August I teamed up with another awesome personal trainer, Zoe Hill, from local business, ZoFit, and we ran our first transformation challenge together - Spring Into Summer Transformation contest.  It ran for 8 weeks between September and November and it was by far one of the most fun and rewarding things I've been apart of since starting Fit la Femme.

We had a wonderful group of 40 keen and eager participants who partook in the contest and Zoe and I were completely blown away by their results.  I don't believe anyone lost less than 10cm of fat from their bodies!  With some of the best results being losses of 35cms, 40cms and 45cms plus!  That's what you call real transformations!

Tash Scott frontTash Scott Back Tash Scott side

Not only did they lose unwanted fat from their bodies, but results also included lower cholesterol, blood pressure and fatigue, increased confidence, energy and general all round health.  Some other big benefits that mean a lot to me personally, was seeing some of my clients reduce their endometriosis and PCOS symptoms through the healthy diet and exercise - not to mention a couple of the girls who had been struggling to get pregnant DID after changing to a better and healthier lifestyle through our program.

As a result of the contest, Zoe and I have now teamed up permanently and launched our new business - Hillworks Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching and we have our second transformation challenge about to start on 8th February 2014 - Kickstart 2014 Transformation Challenge

Hillworks-SquareBack to back portrait


I'm really excited to have embarked on this journey with Zoe and it gives me an opportunity to help more of you lovely ladies out there who can't attend my bootcamp due to time constraints or distance!

While all this excitement has been going on, I've also been cooking up baby #2!  As I write this post, I am currently willing with the bub inside me to make it's presence into this world ASAP!  My expected due date is somewhere between January 26 and January 30, but due to my son, Jenson, being born two weeks early, I've been half expecting this one to make an early appearance also - apparently it's quite happy in there!

Linds belly portrait

Here's a quick insight into how I've found this pregnancy compared to my last one... Generally, I felt the same.  Again, I was lucky and had limited nausea in the first trimester and I haven't had any issues (medically speaking) at all.  I definitely count myself lucky, but also believe my healthy lifestyle helps to contribute to this.  However, I have found that my pelvic floor is completely stuffed and did not have time to heal in between pregnancies, so without going into detail, that has not been terribly enjoyable.  I also found that my pelvic region in general ached a lot more and earlier this pregnancy, which really minimised the amount of exercise I was able to do this time around.  That being said, I just worked with the conditions thrown at me.  In other words, much less intensity style training and more strength training, particularly for my core.  Plus, chasing after a 12-18month toddler over the last 6 months has kept me pretty active on it's own.  My young son obviously takes after me and can't sit still for 5 minutes!! haha.

In these last couple of weeks, I've also discovered the joys of Braxton Hicks and Prodromal Labour.  I don't recall any Braxton Hicks at all last pregnancy, not that they really annoy me all that much, but the Prodromal Labour (otherwise known as False Labour) completely sucks.  The first few times, I got myself all worked up that THIS IS IT only to be let down a few hours later, where as the last few I understand better what my body is doing and that I just need to trust myself and my body - WHEN IT's ON, I'LL KNOW!

Considering my last labour was only 7 hours long, wo-to-go, I expect this one will probably be around 3-4!  So, let's face it, I'm going to know in a hurry when it's on...

For those of you who have read my posts about my last labour will know that I used self-hypnosis, the Hypnobabies Program, with great success.  It stands to reason, I have been preparing using this method once again.  I am a firm believer that using this program combined with my fitness, gave me a dream labour - 7 hours, no drugs at all, 15 minutes pushing and I was in control the whole time.  I did get a tear, but in the whole scheme of things, I'd take that any day!  I am counting on these two factors getting my through labour #2 in similar fashion, albeit a lot faster.

What's more, I'm hoping and expecting to mirror my post-baby body results after this little cherub arrives.  I had my pre-baby body back after 5 months last time and I know I can do it again this time.  In fact, I will be documenting it a lot closer this time, with the help of my new partner, Zoe, so keep on the look out to watch MY transformation and gain the tips and inside scoop on how to do it.

I've also decided that in 2014, I'm going to share a lot more 'Mummy Inspired Things' on this site.  I want to expand on just health and fitness and add other helpful hints and tips for you mums out there.  For example, food & activities for kids, products I've found useful as a mum and other bits and pieces related to parenting to try and make our job a little easier.  If you have any requests of things you'd like to see, please share in the comments below.

In the meantime, while I wait to meet this bubba, I'm going to enjoy my last days of eating ice-cream, only chasing after one child instead of two and having the energy to actually write a post this long!

ice cream

Wishing you all the best in 2014 - make it your best year yet!!

Linds xo

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