2014 AFL Grand Final Workout

Tomorrow is the 2014 AFL Grand Final, which generally means eating lots of high calorie snacks and drinking booze whilst enjoying one of the biggest sporting events of the year (in Victoria anyway!)

I've put together a bit of a Footy themed workout for my bootcamp session tomorrow and it got me thinking that some of you might be interested in also keeping yourself active during the game instead of just sitting on the couch shovelling potato wedges and sausage rolls into your mouth and swilling beer.

So, here's the workout I put together to do whilst watching the game.  You can just pick a set amount of time during the game to do it or if you're really hardcore, go for the whole game!  If you do, I'd love to hear you went!!

Here is how it works:

Every time one of the following actions occurs during the game, you have to do the corresponding exercise.  That's it.  You could even pick a team and play against someone else and compare how many reps you both did over that time. Get the kids involved too!!

**If you need to know what any of the exercises are, head over the the Hillworks You Tube Channel, where there are great videos of each individual exercise! 

Get a great workout in while watching the game!

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GO HAWKS!!!! 😉

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