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What you need to know about me and my philosophy


I specialise in pre and post-natal exercise, pain management and improved performance. I am a certified Z-Health coach, which means I have some super cool ways of helping you achieve things you never believed were possible!


Being strong is more than just building muscle, it is also strength of mind and character. Work on making yourself a little bit better everyday and those small things will add up quickly to BIG changes.


I want you to feel invincible. I will help you build a better body and better mind so you can overcome any obstacle life throws at you. Dream bigger than you ever have and know that you are capable of doing it.


Every mum is beautiful. Every woman is beautiful. Beauty has nothing to do with the way you look or the size and shape of your body. Beauty is how you view the world, how you treat other people and how you treat yourself.

What does Mummy Bootcamp Stand For?
It's not what we do, it's WHY we do it that matters most.

Mummy Bootcamp is of course, group Personal Training for mums, but we are actually so much more than that. We are strong, dedicated and determined women who value our families, ourselves and each other. We support each other. We laugh together. We make changes together and we struggle together. You can exercise anywhere, but if you want to belong and be a part of group that will welcome you on your very first day, care about you if you miss a session and celebrate with you when good things happen, then you should look at Mummy Bootcamp. If none of those things matter to you, then please, go check out the local big box gym - I won't hold you back. But if you want to be a part of something bigger, better and a little bit different, come see us. We'll welcome you with open arms.

Lindsey Hilliard

Owner / Coach
I’m the founder of Fit la Femme and I’ll also be your coach should you choose to join us. I have two beautiful boys who are so active, I need to keep fit just to keep up with them. My passion lies in helping new mums return to exercise safely, assisting people with pain management and relief and also increased performance.
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